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Posted 01 April, 2007

ELT Replacement Deadline

Effective 1 Feb, 2009, COSPAS/SARSAT will cease monitoring of 121.5 & 243.0 MHz. This change will necessitate the replacement of existing ELT's operating on those frequencys. ELT's broadcasting on 406.0 MHz are covered under TSO-C126. All 406.0 MHz ELT's will also be required to be registered with NOAA. This is similar to the current procedure for 406.0 MHz EPIRB's. NOAA, USCG, USAF & NASA are strongly advising users of 121.5/243 MHz beacons to make the switch to 406 MHz beacons as soon as possible. The 406 MHz provide search & rescue agencies with more reliable and complete information.

Letter from NOAA Regarding 406 MHz ELT requirement